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SL Mono
Handlebar Diameter: 31.8 mm
The SL Mono is our first bikelight with integrated battery, StVZO-approved and easy to charge via USB-C port*.It has a daytime running light with 150 lumens, two levels of low beam with 450 and 700 lumens and a brightness sensor, which automatically activates the low beam in the dark. Thanks to the quick-release mounting on the handlebar, the lamp can be removed within seconds without tools. The housing and the quick-release are made of CnC-milled and then black anodised aluminium. The built-in 12Wh battery has a charging time of 3.5 hours and a maximum runtime of 1.5 hours in low beam or 9 hours in daytime running light. The SL Mono is water- and impact-resistant according to IK09 and IP67. As with all our lamps, we do not glue the housing to ensure long-term reparability and the replacement of individual parts.*Compatible charger (5V, 1A) required. USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) is not supported.

Penta Pro Headlamp
Battery: 25 Wh / 3.5 Ah SmartCore | Colour Temperature: 5700 Kelvin (daylight) | Headband: Black
The Penta Pro shines up to 1.400 lumens at a distance of approx. 140 meters and is our first sensor-controlled headlamp. It has various light modes, an external rechargeable battery and a brightness and tilt sensor. The former measures the ambient light and automatically controls the brightness of the standard white levels depending on the amount of light. The tilt sensor detects when the head is tilted to read a map, for example, and dims the light to enter the reading mode. When the head is lifted again, the Penta Pro returns to the previously selected light level. The function can be deactivated briefly by pressing the top button. It remains inactive until the lamp is tilted again. The Penta Pro has a white light, red light, a diffuse reading light, each in several levels, as well as a flash and SOS special function. The 5-lens system with multi-illumination pattern is already familiar from the Penta and provides the same, but much brighter, uniform and wide-ranging light pattern. The white light functions are controlled via the button on top of the lamp, while the red light functions are controlled via the button on the underside. The Penta Pro also has a key lock to prevent it from being switched on unintentionally during transport. The lamphead of the Penta Pro is attached to the headband using the FrontClick system and the battery using the FastClick mount. The lamp head also shows the remaining battery capacity, and the 3.5Ah SmartCore battery also has a charge level indicator. The red indication LEDs also serve as a signal light in the back. As with all Lupine lamps, the housing of the Penta Pro is made of CNC-milled aluminum. In addition, the headlamp is both shock and water resistant to IP67 and IK09.

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The USB One can be used to charge devices with an USB charging cable on a Lupine battery (smartphone, red light, Penta, etc).To do this, connect the USB One between the charging cable and the battery.Note:It is not possible to charge a Lupine battery using the combination of USB One, USB Charger and another battery.

Piko All-in-One
Headband: Black
The Piko with 2100 lumens in a practical All-in-One-Set. Choosing between head- or helmetlamp is no longer necessary here.Cable length at lamphead approx. 25cm.The packet contains the lamphead, headband, helmetmount, battery, bluetooth remote control, charger and instructions.Due to the FrontClick system, the lamphead can easily be switched from headband to helmet (with air vents) and vice versa.The 3.5 Ah battery is worn by the FastClick system directly on the headband or helmet. The SmartCore functionshows how much capacity is left in the battery, provides a signal light feature an has improved battery management.

SL Nano AF
Battery: 25 Wh / 3.5 Ah SmartCore | Handlebar Diameter: 31.8 mm
The SL Nano AF is a small, lightweight StVZO-approved bicycle lamp with 1200 lumens high beam, 700 lumenslow beam, daytime running light function, external battery and Bluetooth remote control.The SL Nano AF is mounted with the quick release. The battery is attached to the top or bottom tube of the frame with the enclosed coated hook&loop strap. In the dark the lamp switches automatically from daytime running light to low beam. The remote control can then be used to switch between low and high beam and is mounted to the handlebar with the Peppi holder.

The Penta is a compact headlamp with up to 1100 lumens, diffuse camping light, two red lights with different beam characteristics and numerous lighting functions. The housing of the Penta is made of black anodised aluminium. Two buttons on the upper side of the lamp allow easy control of all lighting functions. The lamp has an integrated battery and can be charged via USB-C. Note: The optional color temperature "neutral white" gives the Penta a slightly warmer light. Warmer light is especially suitable for use in snow and fog, while the colder "daylight" appears subjectively brighter and helps you stay awake longer.

C14 Mag (International)
The C14 Mag is the first taillight with an innovative magnetic mount. The 45 lumen rear light has a brake light and a brightness sensor. In contrast to the StVZO-approved version, the international version is equipped with two additional light modes: flashing and pulse mode.The C14 Mag is inserted into the holder between the saddle rails and held there with pure magnetic force. Like the housing, it's made of CNC-milled aluminium. The integrated battery is fully charged within 3 hours with the included magnetic charging cable and has a runtime of up to 22 hours. The C14 Mag impresses with its homogeneous light characteristic and guarantees all-round good visibility - even from the side. Like all Lupine lamps, the C14 Mag is waterproof and impact-resistant according to IP67 and IK09. The minimum distance between saddle and saddle rails for mounting is 21mm. For mounting on carbon saddles two longer retaining screws are included in the delivery. The C14 Mag is compatible with all standardised standardised seat post spacing (approx. 35mm).

Rotlicht (International)
Colour: Phantom
160 lumen taillight with brightness sensor, brake light, various light modes (continuous light, flashing, pulsing, etc.) and up to five different dimming levels.The sensor technology with brake light provides additional safety. The waterproof hardware is designed for daily use in wind and rain and easily withstands temperatures from -25 to 70 degrees celsius. The battery, which is integrated into the taillight, is charged via a micro USB in the back. A plug protector is attached to the charging socket, so neither dust nor dirt gets inside. The taillight is mounted with the enclosed strap underneath the bikeseat. Delivery includes a short and a long strap each. They cover a 22 to 55 mm diameter. The excess strap can easily be shortened if necessary.

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