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SL X and SL F for Twinfix

Our SL F and SL X can be attachted easily and perfectly centered 
with Syntace-Twinfix . The Twinfixsystem is compatible with the
E-Bike- and chargerversions of our lights. Some of our lamps
(Piko and Blika) can also be mounted with the smartphone-grip.

SL X Twinfix mount
SL X Twinfix bracket for the Twinfix system from Syntace. Included  are the matching steel screws for mounting on the stem clamps of the Twinfix. Compatible with SL X and SL AX

Lampmount for Syntace Smart Map Gripper
With the lamp holder, the Piko and Blika can be attached under the Smart Map Gripper by Syntace. In combination with the USB Two, the smartphone can also be charged on the road, for example.

Twinfix screws
Two screws suitable for the Twinfix lamp holder from Syntace. Suitable for Piko, Blika, SL F/SL AF (with two threads) and SL X/SL AX. With the holder, our lamps can be mounted on the Syntace Megaforce 2, Flatforce and Liteforce 50 stems.

Twinfix lampmount (Piko, Blika, SL F)
Lampmount for the Syntace TwinFix System for Piko, Blika, SL F and SL AF. With the holder, our Piko, Blika and the two-thread variants of the SL AF and SL F can be mounted on the Syntace Megaforce 2, Flatforce and Liteforce 50 stems.____________________________________________________________________________________Note:Please order the fitting  screws for SL F.


C14 Backlight for Eightpins-Variosupport

The Labeltube of the Eightpins can even be equipped with our C14.