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Lupine vocabulary explained

SmartCore, FastClick, FrontClick: here, we explain the most common questions that might occur during the purchase.

My light has got Bluetooth* - what does that mean when using it?

*Bluetooth 4.0 - energy-saving with a range of up to 10 meters

When purchasing a bluetooth-enabled light, the remote control is enclosed in the delivery. The bluetooth-modul also enables the lamp being controlled via app:

Lupine Light Control 1.0: Wilma & Betty
Lupine Light Control 2.0: Piko, Blika, Alpha
Lupine Light Control SL AX: SL AX

Unfortunately, neither remote control nor app control can be retrofitted to a lamp that is not Bluetooth-compatible.

What is the difference between FrontClick and FastClick?

FrontClick: for lampheads
FastClick: for batteries

The mounting system with which the lampheads are clicked onto the front of the helmet or headband is called the FrontClick System. The unified construction makes it easy to change the lamp without tools.

Our batteries with click system (so 2.0 Ah and 3.5 Ah, HardCase und SmartCore each) are called „FastClick-batteries“. Because of them being so lightweight, they can comfortably be worn on the helmet or headband. They can be clicked into the associated battery holder system. You can easily identify the FastClick batteries with SmartCore on the red LED bar (which also serve as a signal light and reflector function on the helmet).

FrontClick and FastClick holders are not only available for mounting on helmets and headlamps, but also for attaching to handlebars, ski goggles, bicycle frames, etc. (Of course, larger batteries can also be used on the helmetlight or headlamp, however they must then be stowed in the backpack with an extension cable).

What is the difference between a HardCase and SmartCore battery?

In terms of performance, the HardCase batteries have just as much power as the SmartCore models. The latter have the advantage that the battery status can be read via the LED display as well as via an acoustic signal. This reduces the risk of suddenly being in the dark to a minimum.
By the way: the environment and efficient resource management are very important to us. That's why you can send your used battery back to us after its (hopefully not too soon) demise and get a discount on the purchase of a new one.

Why is the Rotlicht International not shipped within germany?

The Rotlicht International is not approved for use on bicycles in german road traffic due to its up to four times higher lumen output and the correspondingly brighter glare values. For this purpose, we sell the Rotlicht with StVZO approval.

Can I change my lights components myself?

Yes, all our lights are designed in a way that they can be easily unscrewed (and also screwed together again). The available spare parts in the shop can be installed with the usual tools (screwdriver, hex key, etc.) or are included in the delivery.
In case of a defect after a self-performed exchange, our repair service is of course still available as usual.