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Bluetooth remote control


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Product number: i1093
Product information "Bluetooth remote control"
Bluetooth remote control with one button to control our headlamp or helmetlamps Piko, Wilma and Betty.
It can be attached to the handlebar using the Peppi holder or with the wristbandholder, e.g. on the wrist or backpack straps.
Only compatible with already bluetooth-enabled lamps. Supplied with button cell, holder not included.
Properties "Bluetooth remote control"
Lamptype: Headlight, Helmetlight
Material: glass-fibre reinforced polyamide
Suitable for: Betty, Piko, Wilma
Weight: 10g
Delivery content "Bluetooth remote control"
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • incl. CR2032 battery cell

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Peppi V5 mount XL (up to 32 mm diameter)
Peppi V5 XL handlebar holder with EPDM insert for best grip, compatible with all Lupine remote controls.Maximum bar diameter: 32mm, width: 16.4mm, strap length: 85mm.

Peppi V5 mount (up to 22 mm diameter)
Peppi V5 handlebar holder with EPDM insert for best grip, compatible with all Lupine radio remote controls.Maximum bar diameter: 22mm, width: 13.4mm, strap length: 62mm.

Bracelet mount for remote control
To put the bluetooth remote control at your wrist or backpack strap. If you want to put th remote control on a handlebar, the so called Peppi V4 or V5 is the better choice.

Spare battery for Bluetooth Remote
The CR2032 only works for the Bluetooth remote controls. Dont try to work this button cell into an old type remote.

Bluetooth remote control SL
The Bluetooth remote control for our SL AX, SL AF and SL Nano AF bike lights.It has two buttons. The large button with headlight symbol is used to activate the high beam in the dark, the small button to dim the low beam.Compatible with Peppi V5, Peppi V5 XL and the wristband holder for remote controls. Only compatible with already bluetooth-capable lamps. Supplied with button cell and without holder.

2-Way-Switch (Blika)
With the 2-button Bluetooth remote control of the new Blika you can now easily switch between lighting levels and special functions. Compatible with Peppi V5 and Peppi V5 XL.

2-Way-Switch (Alpha)
The two-button-remote control for Alpha. Compatible with Peppi V5 and Peppi V5 XL. Alpha remote is already preset to be used like a gearshift. Still both available 2-Way switches can be used with the Blika and Alpha.

Stardrive key TX5 (for remote control & Penta)
For changing the button cell of our remote controls, Penta and the SL X cover screws, the matching TX5 hex key is indispensable.