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Handlebar diameter
Product number: i4301
Product information "SL AX"
The SL AX with StVZO approval, daytime running light, 1300 lumens low beam and up to 2200 lumens high beam,
daytime running light, external battery and Bluetooth remote control.

The SL AX is mounted to the handlebar with the quick release. The battery is attached to the top or bottom
tube of the frame with the included coated velcro. The lamp automatically switches from daytime running
light to low beam in the dark. The Bluetooth remote control can then be used to switch between low and
high beam. It can also be attached to the handlebar with the Peppi holder.

There is an alternative mounting option available fort he SL AX – the Twinfix mount.
Here your lamp is held securely by two holder arms.

Properties "SL AX"
Batteryholder: with velcro on the frame
Bluetooth: with remote control
Lampholder: Quickrelease
Lamptype: Bikelight
Lumens: 2200 lumens
Lux: 340 Lux
Measurements: 45x85x48 mm
Protection class: IP 09 (impact resistance), IP 68 (water resistance)
Range: 370m
StVZO-Zulassung: Ja (~K1753)
Weight: 160g lamphead
Delivery content "SL AX"
  • SL AX lamphead
  • Quick release 31.8mm
  • 6.9Ah SmartCore battery 
  • quick release handlebar mount
  • Bluetooth remote control 
  • "Peppi V5" barmount for remote control (up to 22mm diameter)
  • Charger "Wiesel"
  • Battery velcro long 
  • Battery velcro short 

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SL AX Quickrelease
Cnc-milled handlebar mount with quick release function for the battery version of the SL X. The quick release is made of black aluminum and has an EPDM insert to improve grip and protect the handlebars from possible scratches. Available in 25.4mm, 31.8mm or 35mm diameter. Clamp width: 9,2mm


With the USB ONE you can charge USB devices from the Lupine battery. Note: Not compatible with the Alpha battery.E.g. you can charge our ROTLICHT from the Lupine battery.Output: 5V/1.5A Input: 7.2V and 14.4V Lupine batteriesThe USB ONE is not made to charge the Lupine battery!


Peppi V5 mount XL (up to 32 mm diameter)
The Peppi V5 XL mount is for all handlebars up to 32mm diameter and suitable for all remote controls. The polyamid Peppi got a special epdm rubber part and strap to be attached to the handlebar. 16,35 mm width, band 85mm


Peppi V5 mount (up to 22 mm diameter)
The Peppi V5 mount is suitable for the bluetooth remote controls. The polyamid Peppi got a special epdm rubber part and strap to be attached to the handlebar: 13,35mm width, band length 62m


USB Charger (also for solar panels)
With our new USB CHARGER it is possible to charge your Lupine battery via a USB port. No matter if it is a PC or USB power adapter. Size and output of this tiny adapter will convince you in any way. Note: Not compatible with the Alpha battery. Charging current: up to 1A Solar panels: In Germany managed to get up to 0.3A charging current at a sunny November day from the Goal Zero Nomad 7.


13.8 Ah Smartcore Battery
Smartcore battery with LED display with a capacity of 13.8 Ah/99Wh.This battery weighs 430g and can be used with all our battery lamps. For attaching the battery e.g. to the bicycle frame, a short and a long velcro tape with anti-slip coating are included. Dimensions: 146x41x48 mm.


6.9 Ah Smartcore Battery
Smartcore battery with LED display with a capacity of 6.9 Ah/50Wh.This 240g battery can be used with all our battery lamps. A short and a long velcro strap with anti-slip coating are included for attaching the battery to the bicycle frame, for example.


Instead of the drinking bottle cage, you can put ROLF to your bikeframe. Afterwards you can slide-in a Lupine Smartcore battery instead of using the velcro.You may eventually need an additional extension to mount the battery.


SL X/AX GoPro Adapter 2
The SL X/AX GoPro adapter for mounting from "below". Perfect in combination with our GoPro Spacer or the GoPro Universal mount.


SL X Twinfix Mount
SL X Twinfix bracket for the Twinfix system from Syntace. Included  are the matching steel screws for mounting on the stem clamps of the Twinfix. Compatible with SL X and SL AX


Go Pro Adapter Universal
Universal GoPro Holder: Thanks to the slotted hole(10.6mmx6.2mm), the holder can be mounted on just about any hole and creates a GoPro mount anywhere you want it.